Training & Capacity Building

Empowering the Unreached Through Skill Development Trainings

tribal nurse

“In rurals, people struggle to learn new skills and knowledge, due to lack of resources and opportunities. Hence, they remain backwards and lack confidence in taking control over their lives and fail to exert influence in society. But by providing them necessary skill-based training and educating them about the current socio-economic status of Nation, it is possible to trigger their active participation towards community’s welfare & development.”

Prof, Sudhir Kumar Jena, (Vice Chairman, ACM)

tribal village youth

Leadership Training for Rural Youths

To enlighten the rural youth on concerning issues and accelerate them in different rural developmental works, ACM has designed unique Leadership Training programs. The curriculums of our training programs primarily aim to develop the capacity and courage of the youth and encourage them to strive for a positive change in the existing social, economic and educational system of the country.


More than 0 Leadership Training

Sessions have been organized by ACM in around 140 tribal-dominated villages, empowering 1000+ youths (both male & female).

Tribal village youth

Capacity Building for PRI Members

Realizing the horrible fact that in tribal areas most of the tribal ward members have zero knowledge about PRI system, ACM started conducting training programs to make the elected ward members understand the basics of the PRI model. The participants were being educated about the Panchayati Raj Policies, Principles, Roles, and Responsibilities of ward members and also about different poverty alleviation and livelihood programmes.


Nearly 0 PRI members

including Sarpanch, Mukhiyas, Ward members, and Village leaders have been empowered and motivated to work actively towards the development of their villages.

Agricultural Trainings for Farmers

ACM has greatly motivated poor tribal farmers in adopting sustainable yet productive agricultural practices. With the support of Block Agriculture Officers, we have imparted various training sessions on How to develop the fertility of soil, Checking Soil Erosion, prospects of agriculture in highlands, Mixed Cropping, Dry Land Farming, Winter Vegetable Cultivations and other necessary agricultural aspects.


More than 0 training sessions

have been conducted, motivating nearly 700 poor tribal farmers to adopt sustainable and organic farming practices that require little water & care.

ACM tribal doctors

Health Trainings for Village Native Doctors and ASHAs

To enhance the skills and treatment techniques of Village Native Doctors and ASHAs in its operational villages, ACM has actively conducted various Health Training workshops. We mainly provide trainings to local health resources regarding the use of herbal medicinal plants for common diseases, critical emergency treatment procedures, maternity delivery, childcare, diagnosis of malaria, TB, Cataract, and Glaucoma.


Around 0 training workshops

have been organized by ACM, to enhance the knowledge and skills of nearly 300 village-based doctors and nursing staffs.


Skill-Development & Employment Workshops

To develop the skills of poor tribal people and to make them employable, we have been providing various training workshops on tailoring, agarbati making, food packaging, artisan skills, carpentry, masonry, car driving, tubewell repairing, cycle repairing, and many more. We are also helping individuals in establishing small businesses involving daily grocery, farming products, sabai grass, bamboo, dry fish, and blacksmith.


More than 0 trained

Skill-development training has been provided to more than 10,000 individuals (both male & female), in around 200 tribal-dominated villages across Odisha.

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We are a sign of hope to those whose lives have been shattered by the sheer discrimination and economic gap in our society. We have been helping the needy and distressed ones in the tribal belts of Odisha for 40 years and will continue to serve them till we can.
Your generosity to contribute towards the weaker section of our society, can boost our motivation and help us in many possible ways.