Relief and Rehabilitation

Alleviating the Lives of Distressed Tribals through Relief and Rehabilitation

Poor Lodha Tribal Girl and brother

“Tribal people in the rurals, the weaker section of our modern society often live a distressed life due to the injustice happening with them, the calamities caused by natural disasters, and the chronic infections & illnesses. To ensure their survival and well-being, it is very important to lend a helping hand & rehab the distressed tribals and provide them with a better life with all the fundamental rights.”

Sakra Soren (Executive Board Member, ACM)

Rehabilitation Programme to Fight Injustice in Society

In tribal inhabited project villages, at different times, some evil-mindset persons and groups exploit the innocent and uneducated tribal people by forcibly taking away their farmlands and properties. To restrict such frauds and to ensure justice, ACM helps distressed individuals in appealing necessary legal actions and get back their assets and lost respect in a judicial way.


More than 0 people

belonging to Lodhas, Kolha, Kondhas, and Santala communities have been provided with financial & legal aid to fight the injustice and get back their lands from the exploiters.

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Programme for Physically Handicapped

Under CBR Programme, we operate in 480 villages in 25 blocks of Mayurbhanj. Our team conducts screening camps and identifies disabled individuals and offer them required medical & financial assistance. People who are visually handicapped are being provided with training & orientation on mobility and daily living skills. And those who are detected with cataracts are transported to MGEHRI for free surgery & medication.


Over 0 handicapped patients

have been rehabbed under the CBR project and provided with disability certificates and necessary medical & financial assistance.

Super Cyclone of Odisha 1999

Relief Assistance to Victims affected by Natural Disasters – Draught, Fire-accidents, Flood, Cyclone, Storm

ACM offers immediate relief assistance to Poor people who are affected by severe natural calamities in its operational villages. Relief packages consisting of Rice, Dal, Saree, Dhoti, Blanket, Harkins, Tarpaulin, Salt, biscuits, etc. are being distributed among the victims. For kids, a school kit comprised of a dress, school bag, pencil box, umbrella, water bottle, books & copies, etc. is also provided.


More than 0 families

From 1999 super cyclone to Phailin and Fani, ACM has always stood beside the victims. More than 40,000 families in the rural have been provided with required relief assistance and medical help.

Social Transformation Programme of ‘LODHA’

Lodhas – the primitive tribe of Mayurbhanj, often termed as Criminal tribe for their burglary and theft activities, were in great distress of poverty and social discrimination. To transform the Lodhas and connect the community with today’s mainstream society, ACM has done a lot of interventions like legal de-criminalisation of Lodhas in the presence of Magistrates, providing them education and livelihood, taking care of their nutrition and health, developing their skills, and much more.


Around 0 Lodha families

in Mayurbhanj have been provided with the necessary help to transform their lives & livelihood as well as to bring back their lost reputation of being an indigenous tribe.

aditya patnaik covid support

COVID-19 Relief Programme

Covid-19 induced pandemic has greatly affected the lives & livelihoods of vulnerable poor communities residing in the rural. Considering the hazardous risk of corona infection and no income scenarios during the lockdown, ACM has extended the necessary helping hand to the communities living in its operational villages. Awareness campaigns, Relief packages, door-step medical screening, and setting up a quarantine centre are some ways, ACM has intervened.


Around 0 families

Awareness campaign in regional languages conducted across 40 villages in Mayurbhanj and around 5000 families have been provided with relief packages & financial assistance.

Be a part of Making a Difference

We are a sign of hope to those whose lives have been shattered by the sheer discrimination and economic gap in our society. We have been helping the needy and distressed ones in the tribal belts of Odisha for 40 years and will continue to serve them till we can.
Your generosity to contribute towards the weaker section of our society, can boost our motivation and help us in many possible ways.