Empowering the Unreached through Education

Tribal young girl student

“Education is considered as a vital element in the development of our society, system, and country. I am convinced that a well-supported and easily accessible education system is an efficient means to make people economically conscious, and thereby, make them actively participate in their economic prosperity and cultural development.”

Geetanjali Pattnaik (Director cum Regional Education Activist, ACM)

Tribal community school

Community-based Child Education Centers

Since 1987, ACM has established more than 100 Child Education Centres in the interior tribal villages where there were no facilities of formal education for kids. Small Children from age 3 to 10 have been encouraged to join the CECs and complete their schooling up to class 5th, under the supervision of dedicated Teaching Staff.


More than 0 Students

have been provided with holistic education and motivated to join Formal Schools for their Secondary Studies.

Antyodaya VidyaPitha

Antyodaya VidyaPitha

Since 1994, ACM has been running a state government affiliated formal school at its Rangamatia campus, ensuring Middle School Education and Board Education for class 6 to 10 students. The majority of the students belong to poor tribal families and hence everything including school fees, accommodation, and fooding is completely free.


More than 0 Students

have been provided with qualitative high school education using an inclusive and experiential learning process.

boys hostel

Bridge-Course for Drop-Out Students

ACM designed Bridge-course for high school students who gave up education halfway due to Poverty and lack of awareness. The dropped-out students were provided hostel facilities, food and also supported with educational materials like Test papers and books. Apart from syllabic teachings, students were also entertained for vocational training courses on Tailoring, Gardening, Computer literacy, Mason & Carpentry.


Around 0 Students

from 120 tribal-dominated villages have been enrolled in the Bridge course programme and promoted for college-level Higher-Education.

Adivasi language news paper

Adivasi Language Education

With the objective to promote Adivasi language among school-going children, ACM established 5 non-formal education centres exclusively for Adivasi language & script education. Indigenous tribal languages like Santal & Ho and scripts like Orangchiti & Olchiki were being taught once a week. Experienced language instructors were appointed at the centres to make the learning process effective.


Around 0 Students

have been enrolled for free under the Adivasi Language Education program in 30 tribal-dominated villages of Mayurbhanj.

pinki eye sight case study

Integrated Education for Visually Handicapped Children

Under the Integrated Education program, visually handicapped children were being enrolled in their respective village’s primary school to continue classroom education with other normal students. With the support of Headmasters and Braille-certified teachers, our IE program has greatly minimized the social stigma & discrimination against blind children in schools.


Around 0 visually challenged

students have benefited from our Integrated Education program in the interior villages of Mayurbhanj & Kandhamal.

Science lab

Higher Secondary Education for College Students

Considering the limited scope for higher education in the rurals, ACM has founded FOUR Intermediate Colleges ensuring quality and technical education to tribal students in its operational areas. To enhance the skills of students, we also introduced computer literacy, lab-based science experiments, and various arts-related creative modules for a holistic learning.


More than 0 Students

have been benefited from the Higher Secondary Education Institutes established in the core tribal villages of Mayurbhanj.

Gandhi Gurukul school

Gandhi Gurukul for English Medium Education

To provide an immersive CBSE Pattern education to students in a small tribal village – Rangamatia, ACM has established Gandhi Gurukul – a day-care CBSE affiliated school with modern infrastructure and facilities. Students from nearby villages are being enrolled here and provided with quality & joyful learning experiences. Primarily, the school aims to deliver a holistic education system to small children living in the rurals.


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Gandhi Gurukul has a student base of 300 and it helps the rural children in preparing and qualifying for the Navodaya and Adarsh school entrance examinations.

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We are a sign of hope to those whose lives have been shattered by the sheer discrimination and economic gap in our society. We have been helping the needy and distressed ones in the tribal belts of Odisha for 40 years and will continue to serve them till we can.
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