Gandhi chakra

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Guided by Gandhian Philosophy of Truth, Non-Violence, and Peace.

ACM Gandhi photo
Old vintage photograph of ACM

Our History

It all started off in a small tribal-inhabited village of Mayurbhanj. ACM was primarily established to transform the lives & livelihoods of a primitive tribe named Lodhas. But we never limited our capabilities & resources up to that only. With the support of young Gandhian associates, we have moved the lives of many downtrodden communities across Odisha. ACM’s developmental journey of 4 decades is awe-inspiring.

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Our Mentor – Dr. Aditya Patnaik

Aditya Bhai has always raised his voice against the odds & injustice that’s happening in our society. From Forest Protection Movement to Revival of Tribal Culture & Heritage, he has been advocating for many such concerning issues at both State & National levels. It is because of him only, today ACM is standing tall & strong and passionately working towards the development of Tribals and other distressed populace.

Aditya Pattnaik

Areas of Impact



At ACM, we believe that quality education can help reduce poverty and inequality and is a basic human right similar to food and shelter and it is also vital to protecting human dignity and liberty.


Forums & Networking

Empowering every individual and promoting community participation or involvement is the key to development in the Rurals. ACM has been conducting various forum-building and networking programs to empower organizations and ensure collective intervention of the people.

Training & Assistance

Training & Assistance

ACM has imparted a large no. of training & orientation programs for enhancing the knowledge, skills, and capacity of Youths, PRI members, Farmers, Doctors, Nurses, ASHAs, Women, Students, Volunteers, and others.

Sustainable home

Sustainable Livelihood Development

In the Tribal belts of Odisha, the Sustainable livelihood approach improves the living conditions of the poor and helps them in ensuring stability with Food, agriculture, and basic income. ACM has done a lot in its operational areas for Sustainable Livelihood development.

heart health

Community Health

ACM has been promoting health and hygiene conditions in its operational areas since its inception. With grit and determination, ACM conducts health awareness campaigns, out-reach medical screenings, free-medicine distribution, free eye health treatment for the unprivileged communities.


Relief & Rehabilitation

ACM has always come forward to help the poor at the time of emergencies like Flood, Cyclone, Drought, Social-Injustice, COVID-19, Fire accidents, Earthquake and other calamities. For us, Life is more important than anything else.

Be a part of our Sustenance

We are a sign of hope to those whose lives have been shattered by the sheer discrimination and economic gap in our society. We have been helping the needy and distressed ones in the tribal belts of Odisha for 40 years and will continue to serve them till we can.
Your generosity to contribute towards the weaker section of our society, can boost our motivation and help us in many possible ways.