Community Health

Contributing to Community Health in the Interior Tribal Villages

Tribal boy drinking water

“Health impacts every other facet of life, from a child’s ability to learn to an adult’s ability to work, so health is critical for the overall well-being of a community.  By working at the community level to promote healthy living, we can bring the greatest health benefits to the greatest number of people, and also can reduce the health gaps caused by ethnicity, race, education, and income.”

Aditya Pattnaik (Secretary cum Founder, ACM)

Agricultural land

Mobile Health Unit Operation – Arogya Plus

Arogya Plus Project is an initiative of National Health Mission (NHM), specifically designed to address the basic health needs of poor/tribal communities, who are residing in inaccessible pockets. Since 2009, ACM has been passionately providing door-step health care facilities for minor ailments like ARI, Diarrhoea, Skin diseases, Malaria, and necessary consultations for Family Planning, Immunisation, and RCH services, under Arogya Plus Project.


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Till today, ACM has treated and delivered free medicines to over 5 Lakh people in 90+ tribal villages in Mayurbhanj and Kandhmal district.

Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Centre

Blindness Control and Eye HealthCare Programme – MGEHRI

Established in a small & serene tribal village, ACM’s Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Institute, has contributed tremendously towards the eye health sector in the last 20 years, providing quality treatment to patients from all over North Odisha and neighbouring states like Bengal and Jharkhand. MGEHRI is popularly known for offering advanced cataract surgery to poor & unprivileged patients for completely free.


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MGEHRI has proudly treated over 1 million patients in its hospital’s OPD and has retrieved the vision of more than 90,000 visually impaired patients through cataract surgeries.

ACM tribal doctors

Out-Reach Health Screening & Awareness Camps

A dedicated team with an advanced clinical setup is always on the move in the core interior corners or neglected portions of tribal districts for screening and identifying patients with Malaria, Cataract, Glaucoma, TB, and other chronic illnesses. Our team also spread awareness on various issues like prevention from COVID-19, mal-nutrition, the importance of Family Planning, Mother & Child care, Hygienic sanitation, and safe drinking water.


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ACM has organised 10,000+ health awareness camps in Mayurbhanj and Kandhmal district and screened more than 2 Lakh poor people through outreach campaigns.

Mayurbhanj forest

Mahatma Gandhi Gramina Swasthya Kendra

ACM has established a medical clinic in Kotagarh, the far-away block of Kkandhamal, for providing the unreached tribal communities regular health check-ups, basic treatment and medications for completely free. Patients suffering from common illnesses like Cold, Cough, Malaria, Eye Diseases, Dysentery, Skin diseases, and pregnancy complications often visit our clinic for free consultation and medicines.


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Mahatma Gandhi Gramina Swasthya Kendra is always open for free-of-cost consultation and has treated 50,000+ poor tribal patients in the last 12 years.

Tribal Village

Promotion of Safe Drinking Water and Hygiene Sanitation

Due to lack of education and awareness, interior tribal people have no regulations regarding safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation practices, which is why they often get contaminated by water-borne infections like Diarrhoea, Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and chronic skin diseases. Hence, ACM started promoting the need for safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation in all of its operational villages.


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With the participation of locals, we have built 12 deep wells, 3 Spring Protection wells, and 14 community toilets, benefitting more than 3000 households in 25 villages.

Be a part of Making a Difference

We are a sign of hope to those whose lives have been shattered by the sheer discrimination and economic gap in our society. We have been helping the needy and distressed ones in the tribal belts of Odisha for 40 years and will continue to serve them till we can.
Your generosity to contribute towards the weaker section of our society, can boost our motivation and help us in many possible ways.