Aditya Patnaik,
Popularly Known as Bhai

The Founding Pillar of Antyodaya Chetana Mandal and a Die-Hard Gandhian

Aditya Pattnaik

Born on 23rd OCT 1955

At the age of 20, when Aditya Bhai was pursuing his Graduation (Science) at Gandhi Institute of Medical Science in Sewagram, Maharastra, for the first time he met the famous Bhoodan leader – Acharya Vinoba Bhabe.
Deeply inspired by the simple ashramic life of Vinoba Bhabe and Gandhi’s ideologies of Truth & Non-Violence, Aditya Bhai decided to drop his medical studies and joined Vinoba Bhabe in walking the path of Non-Violence as a Peace Activist.
Acharya Vinoba Bhabe
Aditya Patnaik at a forum

Because of his strong will power, good communication skills, compassionate heart, and disciplined lifestyle, Aditya Bhai earned the opportunity to work directly under the guidance of Acharya Vinoba Bhabe and Lokanayak Jaya Prakash Narayan. During his youth days, he has also been associated with other senior Gandhian leaders like Ramadevi, Malti Devi, Navakrishna Choudhury, Radhakrishna and many other inspiring personalities.

Moved by the concept of Sarvodaya for Antyodaya (Antyodaya means uplifting of the weakest section of the society and sarvodaya means development of all), Aditya Bhai has worked really hard in providing basic necessities such as education, trainings, livelihood, healthcare, hygiene, and sanitation to economically weaker people in the remotest villages of the Nation.

“Although I have directed all of my commitment & time to bring a positive change in our society through peaceful means, my journey is still on. I firmly believe in empowering the tribal and underprivileged communities with a sustainable livelihood, so that they too can live a better life like other human beings.”

– Aditya Patnaik



Chairman, Voluntary Organisations of Odisha

Antyodaya Chetana Mandal logo transparent

Founder & Secretary, Antyodaya Chetana Mandal


Founder, Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Institute


Founder, Gandhi Gurukul

Education graduation

Founder of four intermediate colleges

Gandhi Peace Centre logo

National Coordinator, Gandhi Peace Centre

Sarvodaya Samaj logo

National Convenor, Sarvodaya Samaj

Gandhi face vector

Trustee, Sewagram Gandhi Ashram, Wardha & Harijan Sevak Sangh, Delhi

Work Background

JP Movement 1977

Joined J.P. Movement to fight off Social Injustice & Corruption in Uttar Pradesh

In 1977, Aditya Bhai joined the J.P. Movement against exploitation of Landlords and Liquor abuse in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. The peaceful protest compelled the Uttar Pradesh Government to impose laws on land rights, conservation of forest resources, and withdrawal of 25 liquor shops in the state.

Assam Peace movement 1979

Peaceful Conflict Resolution in Assam

After joining Gandhi Peace Movement under the vision of Gandhi Peace Foundation in 1979, Aditya Bhai went to Assam for peaceful Conflict resolution among the students and youth who were fighting for Political justice against the intruders in Assam (ASSU) All Assam Students Union.

Assam Peace March 1984

Para-Legal Aid Camp in Odisha for Socially-unprivileged people

In 1983, Aditya Bhai organised the first-ever Para Legal Aid Camp for providing justice to the socially tortured poor communities, especially the Lodhas. Under the guidance of then High Court Chief Justice – Ranganath Mishra and other judiciary dignitaries, the camp was successfully settled at Balasore.

Akal Takht after Operation Blue Star

Joined Peace March in Amritsar during Blue-star operation

In 1984, when the Blue-Star Operation was in command, Aditya Bhai visited the Golden Temple, Amritsar as a Peace Activist, and worked there for months with the victims to bring peace & harmony among the Sikh community. He motivated the Sikh youths to drop violence and follow the Gandhian way of life.

World Peace Conference 1986

World-Peace Conferences & Collaboration for a Better Future

During 1986-1995, Aditya Bhai has worked with many international organisations like Bread for the World and EZE to promote Gandhian way of sustainable livelihood in the rurals. He also participated in the South-South Solidarity event in South Africa and visited many under-developed African countries to study & improve their people’s living conditions.

Releasing ashes of Gandhi

Peace Campaign demanding the release of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes from Bank Locker

Aditya Bhai filed a legal petition in the Supreme Court with Raj Mohan Gandhi for the release of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes which were kept in a locker at SBI, Cuttack. Finally on 30th January 1997, the ashes were released and taken to the Ganga for the immersion by the Great grandson of Mahatma – Tushar Arun Gandhi with utmost dignity and respect.

Super Cyclone of Odisha 1999

Relief & Rehabilitation Program for 1999 Super Cyclone Victims in Odisha

Considering the huge devastation caused by the 1999 Super Cyclone, Aditya Bhai and ACM team distributed large amount of relief materials to the victims. Also, under his active guidance, a big check dam was constructed on river Hansua in Ersama block to regulate the flow of the river during disasters. 5000 villagers built the dam by volunteering and the dam was highly appreciated by the CM Naveen Pattnaik and many international social organisations.

Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Centre

Foundation of Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital in the interiors of Mayurbhanj, Odisha

To eradicate the blindness rate among the unreached tribal communities in Mayurbhanj district, Aditya Bhai founded an advanced eye hospital in a small village called Rangamatia. MGEHRI was inaugurated by Sj. Krishna Kant (Former Vice President of India) and Sj. Naveen Patnaik (Chief Minister of Odisha) on 28th December, 2000. The hospital is serving more than 5 million populace in the rurals and has successfully conducted more than 90,000 free surgeries ensuring clear vision to the poor ones.

Jal Surakshya Yatra Mission

Jal Surakshya Yatra Mission

Aditya Bhai launched a movement (Jal Surakshya Yatra) in Orissa against the privatization of water and linking the rivers under the leadership of Sri Rajendra Singh Rane, a Magsaysay award and the water man of India. The campaign covered 800 K.M. from the border of Chhattisgarh to Bhubaneswar covering all the tribal districts of West, North & Central Orissa.

Tribal School in Mayurbhanj

Foundation of schools & colleges in tribal-dominated regions in Odisha

Considering the poor educational infrastructure and facilities in the tribal dominated districts, Aditya Bhai has founded fully-functional colleges & schools in different blocks – Rasgovindpur, Suliapada, Manida, and Tumudibandh. Tribal students are provided with Quality education and hostel facilities at free-of-cost.

Nomination to Committees/Organisations

Sarvodaya Samaj logo

Nominated as National Convenor of All India Sarvodaya Samaj

CAPART Ministry of Rural Development logo

Nominated as a member of National Standing Committee of CAPART, a unit of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India

Government of Odisha seal

Elected as Chairman of Voluntary Organisations (Odisha Action Groups, a platform to regulate all Odisha NGOs under one roof)

National Service Scheme logo

Nominated as Advisory Committee member to NSS, North Odisha University

Sarva Seva Sangh

Nominated as Trustee in SARVA SEVA SANGH, a forum of all India Sarvodaya Mandal

National Khadi Mission

Nominated as National Khadi Mission, a platform to promote Khadi handcrafts


Appointed as Trustee of Gandhi Ashram at Sevagram, Maharashtra

Utkal University logo

Nominated as Organising Secretary of Utkal Sarvodaya Mandal

Gandhi face vector

Nominated as Secretary of CVAO, a Gandhian forum established in Odisha

Government of Odisha seal

Nominated to Board of Directors in State Resource Centre, Bhubaneswar

SCERT logo

Appointed as Member of SCERT Advisory Board, Government of Odisha

Government of Odisha seal

Appointed as Member of State Planning and Coordination Cell, Odisha Government

Board of total literacy logo

Nominated as State Member of Total Literacy Committee, Odisha

Gandhi's 150 years anniversary

Nominated as National Member for the commemoration of Gandhi’s 150 Anniversary

Indira Gandhi Arts Museum

Nominated as a Core Team Member of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts

Felicitations & Recognitions

Ashoka International

Awarded as a Change Maker by Ashoka International in India for social change


Felicitated with Anna Saheb Sahashra Budhey Award for bringing change in the lives of tribal communities of Koraput

odisha media award

Received Maharaja Sri Ramachandra Bhanj Deo Award by North Odisha Media on Social Work for the Poor and Tribal communities

Ministry of Rural Development, logo

Awarded with Silver Jubilee Meritorious Award by Centre for Rural Health and Community Education

Gurukul logo

Felicitated with Doctorate award in Social work by The Gurukul, Chennai

India Development Forum

Felicitated with Peace Award by Indian Development Forum at Bangalore

Inspire parivartan awards

Felicitated with Parivartan Award by BWW (An US-based Organization)

Ajikali logo

Felicitated by Odisha Media Group – AJIKALI, for driving community development in the interiors of Odisha

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