What’s driving ACM’s Vision?

Broad Objectives of Antyodaya Chetana Mandal

Poor Lodha Tribal Girl and brother

Antyodaya Chetana Mandal, being a non-political and non-profit organization, primarily works on the 360° development of tribals, dalits, and other unprivileged communities in the extreme rural. By adhering to the concept of Mahatma Gandhi’s Gram Swaraj (Village Republic), ACM aims to ensure a community free of violence, harassment, social injustice, human rights abuse, and other sorts of exploitations. All our objectives are strategically designed as per the current exigencies of needy communities and are subjected to change as per timely requirements. Please have a look at our near objectives and get an overview of our organization’s mission.


Promotion of Sustainable & Disaster resilient Livelihood opportunities

To provide timely relief assistance to disaster-affected communities and assist them in rehabilitation and fast recovery.
Woman empowerment

Promotion of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

To develop physical infrastructure and institutions for the community.
Promotion of training and workshops among the locals for capacity building.
To raise awareness for safe maternal & child health in tribal belts of Odisha.
To establish preventive, curative, and integrated healthcare services for the poor.
Clean Drinking water
To ensure accessible & clean drinking water along with safe sanitation practices in rural communities.
Promotion of income generation opportunities for Youths by developing their vocational skills.
Peace and Nonviolence
Promotion, Initialization, and Implementation of peace building activities within the communities.
To provide necessary healthcare services to people who are residing in the remotest regions through Mobile Health Units.
Promotion of biodiversity conservation and addressing emergency climate change issues.
To reduce blindness rate in Mayurbhanj district by raising awareness about cataracts, Glaucoma, and other critical eye diseases.
Education graduation
Promotion of welfare and education with special focus on girls and drop-out students in tribal belts of Odisha, specifically in tribal-dominated villages of Mayurbhanj and Kandhamal.
Unbiased advocacy
Promotion of human rights compliance by empowering and mobilizing the marginalized communities in our society.
organic farming
To develop sustainable models for organic farming, kitchen gardening, rainwater harvesting, biogas plant setup and other eco-friendly practices for the benefit of both environment and community.
To unite human rights activists, civil society members, stakeholders, journalists, and local media for working collaboratively towards the development of tribal & unprivileged communities in the remotest regions of Odisha.



Sustainable home


Promotion of Sustainable & Disaster resilient Livelihood opportunities

gender equality

Gender Equality

Promotion of Sustainable & Disaster resilient Livelihood opportunities




heart health


Promotion of Sustainable & Disaster resilient Livelihood opportunities


Family Support

Promotion of Sustainable & Disaster resilient Livelihood opportunities

Be a part of making a difference

We are a sign of hope to those whose lives have been shattered by the sheer discrimination and economic gap in our society. We have been helping the needy and distressed ones in the tribal belts of Odisha for 40 years and will continue to serve them till we can.
Your generosity to contribute towards the weaker section of our society, can boost our motivation and help us in many possible ways.